I have forgotten my password. How can I reset my password on Rombus?

If you have registered on Rombus using Google, then you won't need to reset your password on Rombus for login. You can always login using these linked accounts. For users who registered with their email ids, Contact us – 8330838737

I have selected the wrong language for a course. Can I change it?

Yes, You can change the language by contacting us on – 8330838737.

How can I pay online?

You can pay online by using any of the following options: Net banking, Credit Card, Debit Card and UPI.

I am not able to make the payment for the Course. The error is transaction failed. What can I do?

In case the error message is ‘Transaction Failed’, you don’t have to worry about it. In such cases, we request the candidate to kindly wait for 5-7 bank working days, the money will be automatically credited back to his/her account by the bank. In this scenario, we advise the students to try making the payment again.

What is the monthly instalment plan?

Monthly instalment enables you to pay the amount in easy monthly installments. This plan has been designed to help candidates who are financially weak.

How many instalments are there for a course?

There are three instalments available for a course.

Can I pay before my due instalment date?

No, you cannot make the payment in advance. You can only pay on the due date.

What will happen if I don’t pay an instalment by the due date? Will I be able to access the course content?

If you don’t pay the installment before the due date, the access will be revoked and you won’t be able to access the content until payment of the next instalment . To avoid this, pay the installment before the due date.

Can I login using multiple phones?

No, You can login only in the phone which you used to purchase the course.

Can I change the phone which I used to login?

Yes, You can change the phone Which you used to login by contacting us on – 8330838737.