PLUS TWO LEVEL MAINS November 1, 2021


Kerala PSC 12th Level Main Syllabus

Subject Syllabus
  • Kerala The Advent of Europeans, The Contribution of Europeans, The History of Travancore from Marthanda Varma to Sree Chithira Thirunal, Social, Religious and Renaissance Movements, Literary Sources of History, United Kerala Movement – Socio-Political History of Kerala After 1956
  • India: Medieval India, Political History, Administrative Reforms, British Domination, First Freedom Struggle, Formation of Indian National Congress, Native Movement, Social Reform Movements, Newspapers, Literature and Art of the History of Freedom Struggle, Freedom Struggle and Mahatma Gandhi, India’s Post-Independence Period, Reorganisation of States, Progress in science, education and technology, Foreign Policy, Political history after 1951
  • World: Great Revolution in England (Great Revolution), American Free Struggle, French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Chinese Revolution, Political History of World War II, United Nations, other international organizations.
  • Basic Principles of Geography, Earth Structure, Atmosphere, Rocks, Earth Surface, Atmospheric Pressure and Wind, Various Types of Pollutants, Maps, Topographic Maps, Signs, Remote System, Geographical Information System, Oceans, Ocean Movements, Continents, World Nations and Their Characteristics India: Topography, States Their Characteristics, North Mountain Region, Rivers, Northern Plains, Peninsular Plateau, Coastal, Climate, Natural Flora, Agriculture, Minerals and Industry, Energy Sources, Road, Water, Rail, Air, Transport Systems.
  • Kerala: Landscape, Districts, Characteristics, Rivers, Climate, Natural Flora, Wildlife, Agriculture and Research Institutions, Minerals and Industry, Energy Sources, Road, Water, Rail, Air, Transport Systems.
  • Indian Sampath System, Desiya Income, Per Capita Income, Production, Indian Economic Planning, Five Year Plans, NITI Aayog, Operation of various financial institutions, Resurvey Bank, Common Income Channels, Tax, Non-Tax Income, Public Expenditure, Budget, Economic Policy.
  • Consumer Protection Act and Regulations, Wetland Conservation, Employment and Work, Desiya Rural Employment Schemes, Land Reform, Protection of Women, Children and Senior Citizens, Social Welfare, Social Security, Socio-Economic Statistics.
  • House of Representatives, Introduction, Fundamental Rights, Guiding Principles, Fundamental Duties Citizenship, Constitutional Amendments, Panchayati Raj, Constitutional Institutions and Their Duties, Emergency, Union List, State List, Concurrent List.
  • Public knowledge of the human body
  • Living organisms and deficiency diseases
  • Diseases and disease causes
  • Health and Welfare Activities in Kerala
  • Major Food and Agricultural Crops in Kerala
  • Agricultural Research Centers
  • Forests and forest resources.
  • Environment and environmental issues.
Physics and Chemistry
  • Matter and mass
  • Action and Power
  • Energy and its transformation
  • Heat and warm
  • Movements and forces in nature
  • Sound and Light
  • Solar system and features
  • Atom and the structure of the atom
  • Thousands and minerals
  • Elements and their classification
  • Hydrogen and oxygen
  • Chemistry in everyday life
  • Organizations and Basic Verbs
  • Dissensions and Decimal Sanghis
  • Percentage
  • Profit and loss
  • Normal interest and compound interest
  • Fractional relationship and ratio
  • Time and Distance
  • Time and Action
  • Average
  • Exact
  • Radius, area, amplitude, etc. of geometric alms
  • Projections
General English
  • Types of Sentences and Interchange of Sentences.
  • Different Parts of Speech.
  • Agreement of Verb and Subject.
  • Confusion of Adjectives and Adverbs.
  • Comparison of Adjectives
  • Adverbs and Position of adverbs
  • Articles – The Definite and the Indefinite Articles.
  • Uses of Primary and Modal Auxiliary Verbs
  • Tag Questions
  • Infinitive and Gerunds
  • Tenses
  • Tenses in Conditional Sentences
  • Prepositions
  • The Use of Correlatives
  • Direct and Indirect Speech
  • Active and Passive voice
  • Correction of Sentences
Computer Science
  • Input Devices (Names and uses)
  • Output Devices (Names and uses/features)
  • Memory devices – Primary and Secondary (Examples, Features)
  • Classification – System software and Application software
  • Operating System – Functions and examples
  • Popular Application software packages – Word processors, Spreadsheets, Database packages, Presentation, Image editors (Uses, features, and fundamental concepts of each)
  • Basics of programming – Types of instructions (Input, Output, Store, Control transfer)
  • Types of networks – LAN, WAN, MAN (Features and application area)
  • Network Devices – Media, Switch, Hub, Router, Bridge, Gateway (Uses of each)
  • Services – WWW, E-mail, Search engines (Examples and purposes)
  • Social Media (Examples and features)
  • Web Designing – Browser, HTML (Basics only)
  • Types of crimes (Awareness level)
  • IT Act and Other laws (Awareness level)

Kerala PSC Plus Two Level Exam Pattern

The Kerala PSC Plus Two Level Exam Pattern is very simple and the selection of the candidates is based on a common written test followed by a Physical Efficiency Test or Typing test(whichever is applicable for the applied post). The candidates can find more details related to the exam pattern in the space below:

Phase 1: Written Test (Common for all posts)

The written test is the first phase of the Kerala PSC 12th level exam and judges the mental ability and knowledge of the candidates. For this phase, the candidates have to appear for the test for all the subjects mentioned on the syllabus.

  • The test will be conducted in offline mode and the candidates have to mark the correct answer in the OMR sheet provided to them.
  • The exam will have a total of 100 questions accounting for 100 marks.
  • The questions in the written test will be based on three languages mainly Malayalam/Tamil/Kannada.
  • The duration of the test is fixed at 1 hour 15 minutes or 75 minutes
  • The candidates who clear the Kerala PSC Plus Two Level Cut Off will be called for the next rounds.
Subject Maximum Questions Maximum Marks
  • History
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Civics
  • Biology
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Mental Ability
  • General English
  • Arithmetic
  • General Knowledge
  • Computer Science
  • Regional Language (Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada)
100 100
Total 100 100

Check out the steps to download the Kerala PSC Plus Two Admit Card here!

Phase 2: Physical Test/Typing Test

Physical Standards (Civil Excise Officer, Fireman, Beat Police Officer, Assistant Police Constable)

In the next round, that is the Physical standard test the candidates will have to complete all the rounds of the physical efficiency to proves that they are fit for the role perfectly:

Physical Qualification

  • The chest measurement of the candidates must not be less than 81 cm with an expansion of 5 cm.
  • The height of the candidate should not be less than 165 cm for the General candidate while the same should be 160 cm for the reserved category.

Endurance Test

  • The candidates applying for the Fireman should be proficient in swimming and must complete a 50m swim in 2 minutes.
  • While a running test will be applicable for other posts in which the male candidate has to complete the run of 2 km in 13 minutes.

Physical Efficiency Test

The candidates can check out the Physical Efficiency Test criteria in the space given below:

Events One Star Standards Star Standards
100 Meters Run 14 seconds
High Jump 132.2 cm
Long Jump 457.2 cm
Putting the Shot 7264 gms
Throwing the cricket ball 6906 cm
Rope Climbing (only with hands) 365.80 cm
Pull-Ups or chinning 8 times 1500 Meter Run 5 minutes 44 Seconds

Physical Standards (Women Civil Excise office, Police Constable, Women Police Constable)

The Physical standards mentioned for the other posts are mentioned in the space below:

Physical Qualification

  • The height of the candidate should not be less than 152 cm for the General candidate while the same should be 150 cm for the reserved category.

Endurance Test

While a running test will be applicable for other posts in which the male candidate has to complete the run of 2 km in 13 minutes.

Physical Efficiency Test

Events One Star Standards Star Standards
100 Meters Run 17 seconds
High Jump 1.06 m
Long Jump 3.05 meter
Putting the Shot 4.88 meter
200-meter race 36 seconds
Throwing the cricket ball 14 meter
Shuttle Race 365.80 cm
Skipping 80 times

Typing Test: The candidates applying for the post of Stenographer/Computer Assistant etc will be required to go for a typing test. The candidates have to type the matter provided to them in English or Regional language in the typing speed decided by the commission.

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Kerala PSC Plus Two Level Books 2021

The Kerala PSC examination is very difficult to crack and success is guaranteed to only those who take their preparation seriously from the first day of the examination. The candidates in a bid to score core high marks in the written exam follow Kerala PSC Plus Two Books that are similar to the content of the examination. These resources help score marks equivalent to the cut-off marks prescribed by the board. Thus, the candidates who are preparing for the upcoming exam can use these books for their benefit.

Subject Important Books Author Description
History Ancient and Medieval India(New edition) Poonam Dalal Dahiya This book helps to gain knowledge of all the major Ancient and Medieval India.
Geography Geography of India Majid Husain A good book to deal with all the queries related to the subject.
Economics Indian Economy For High Court and Other Competitive Examinations Nitin Singhania This book is a very important substitute for learning the basics of each chapter of the Indian Economy.
Civics Indian Polity – For High Court and Other State Examinations M. Laxmikanth It serves as an excellent resource to highlight the major political events that have happened in India.
Biology NCERT Biology for 12th class NCERT This book deals with all the basic concepts of Biology.
Physics and Chemistry Modern Physics R Murugeshan This book helps in revising the basic concepts related to modern physics.
Mental Ability Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning R S Aggrawal This book helps in developing the basics of reasoning.
General English English Grammar Wren and Martin A very good book for mastering the basic grammar rules.
Arithmetic Quantitative Aptitude R S Aggarwal This book is a very important substitute for learning the basics of each chapter of mathematics.
General Knowledge Manorama Yearly Book Mammen Mathew This book is the compilation of all the major news happening in the National and International news.
Computer Science Objective Computer Awareness Arihant Experts The candidates can use this book to practice a lot of questions based on different chapters of the computer.